有光 洋介/Yosuke Arimitsu

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Hi, My name is Yosuke. My job is an accountant.I attended the University of Meiji where I majored in Politics and Economics. In 2008, I began my career at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC where I audited firms’s accounts within the financial sector.  In 2013, I joined tax accountants’ corporation after changing job. In 2017, I wanted to be” the only one who controls my life” and decided to start own my business.

My mission is is to help People different countries start up business in Japan.Through that experience, I learned it’s important for me to live a productive life that I try to understand diversity.

My hobbies are studying history, reading  English newspapers, Mountain climbing, and travelling on my own, and appreciation of statues of

Thank you!

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