【Session】Setting Up Business in Japan 101 Visa, incorporation, tax etc…


All you need to know about starting a business in Japan as a foreigner from visa options to incorporation to tax requirements!

For foreigners in Japan who want to start your own business;

– Are you wondering about your future career plan in Japan?
– Are you looking for an alternative way to extend your visa?
– Do you have an idea for a startup but don’t know how to establish your own business in a foreign country?

Did you know you could have various opportunities as non-Japanese with different cultural/social backgrounds? You might have ideas to innovate Japanese society, which many Japanese people don’t realize!

In anyways, you need to know how you can start a business in Japan.

This seminar will touch upon the procedure to start a business in Japan, such as applying and acquiring Business Manager Visa, incorporating your startup, and dealing with tax payment.

<In English>

<Speaker: Yosuke Arimitsu / Certified Public Accountant>

FEE:¥500 / on-site payment
DAY AND TIME : OCT 23TH(TUE) ’18 / 19:30 to 20:30 PM
LOCATION:White Room of Impact HUB Tokyo / 1st Floor, Insatsu Kojo 2-11-3, Meguro, Meguro-ku, <MAP>⇨ https://hubtokyo.com/access/ 


Capacity: Up to 8 people



Yosuke Arimitsu



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