Do you know the history of Kyoto’s spots you plan to visit?(Part2)


In the last blog, I explained the history of KINKAKU-JI and GINKAKU-JI.

This article describes the history of KIYOMIZU-DERA



KIYOMIZU-DERA was built substantially by Tamuramaro Sakanoueno on 780.

Tamuramaro Sakanoueno(758 – June 17, 811) was shogun of the early Heian period of Japan.

Tamuramaro was said “Beasts afraid of him, but children smiling at him” as his character.

As described above, Tamuramaro was shogun, but its position was only a post in emperor’s bureaucracy in this period.

It was a difference about shogun’s power from Kamakura period(1185-1333), Muromachi Period(1336–1573) and Edo period(1603–1868) in Japan.

Tamuramaro’s Military exploits

Tamuramaro Sakanoueno(758 – 811) Shogun in Heian period

Tamuramaro’s Military exploits are as follows.

In the early Heian period of Japan, the central government’s influence extended to only around west of Japan, but the influence was gradually reaching the east.

In 801, Tamuramaro Shogun went to the conquest of the east with an army of 40000.

In 802, Aterui the eastern force leader with his an army of 500  surrendered to Tamuramaro.

In fact there is no record about their battle.

Because at that time the eastern force didn’t have writing and it is also said that Aterui was hero of the eastern enemy of the central government.

However, Aterui kept opposing guerrilla resistance to other commanders of the central government before Tamuramaro was appointed to “Shogun”.

So it is thought they occured battle several times.

After the war

Tamuramaro ask for Aterui’s life saying that  if we saved his life, the eastern region could be  under the rule stably of the emperor, but the government executed him.

Even after that, He continued to be successful as an Emperor’s vassal.

In 811, Tamuramaro died at age 54.

Next time…

So far, I’ve explained history of KIYOMIZU DERA

In the next article, I’ll show you history of ENRYAKU-JI

Don’t miss it!

See you next!

Yosuke Arimitsu



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