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How to start a business in Japan.(Part1)

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In order to start a business in Japan, it is necessary to follow steps.

1、 Visas and Status of Residence

2、Procedures for registering establishment

3、Notifications to National tax authorities (required after registration)

4、Notification of acquisition of insured status under health/employees’ pension insurance (required after registration)

Each meaning is described below in detail.

Visas and Status of Residence

The acquiring procedure is as follows.

【In Japan 】

Application for Certificate of Eligibility has to be submitted to Immigration Bureau in Japan by the applicant or your proxy

Immigration Bureau in Japan Issues Certificate of Eligibility and sends it to applicant or your proxy in

【Outside Japan】

You have to apply Visa with Certificate of Eligibility at Japanese diplomatic mission abroad

Visa is issued at Japanese diplomatic mission abroad

Procedures for registering establishment

Register establishment by following the steps described below

Make your company’s articles of incorporation(“Teikan“)

Notarization of your company’s articles of incorporation by Japanese notary(“Kosho Yakuba“)

Transfer money as a capital fund  to your bank account.

Acquire certificate on registered information and company seal impression certificate(“Tohki Shinsei” and “Inkan Tohloku”)

Open bank account under your company’s name

Next Time…

So far, I’ve explained procedures which you need to follow to establish a company.

In the next article, I’ll show you required procedures which you need to follow after establishing a company.

See you next!

Yosuke Arimitsu





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